The AreaCon Library  1.0
A C++ library for area-constrained partitioning operations
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AreaCon: A C++ Library for Area-Constrained Partitioning

AreaCon is a light-weight, C++ library for carrying out area-constrained partitioning operations in floating-point precision. The library is primarily a numerical implementation of the area-constrained partitioning algorithm by Patel, Frasca, and Bullo, 2014 (see ).

Low-level source code documentation is provided here; however, additional discussion about how to use the code along with numerical examples can be found on the project's Wiki ( ).

Please cite AreaCon whenever possible. A bibtex citation is provided below:

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For more information on the code and information on how to contact me, please see

Jeffrey R. Peters ( , )
Feb. 2016