The AreaCon Library  1.0
A C++ library for area-constrained partitioning operations
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AreaCon::Int_Params Class Reference

#include <areacon.h>

Public Member Functions

void CheckParameters (void) const
 Int_Params (std::vector< double > Coefficient_a={}, std::vector< double > Coefficient_b={}, std::vector< double > Coefficient_c={}, std::vector< double > Coefficient_d={}, std::vector< double > Int={}, std::vector< double > Intx={}, std::vector< double > Inty={}, double UnweightedArea=0)

Public Attributes

std::vector< double > Coefficient_a
std::vector< double > Coefficient_b
std::vector< double > Coefficient_c
std::vector< double > Coefficient_d
std::vector< double > Int
std::vector< double > Intx
std::vector< double > Inty
double Unweighted_Area

Detailed Description

A container for values used in quickly calculating area integrals over polygonal regions of interest.

Jeffrey R. Peters

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AreaCon::Int_Params::Int_Params ( std::vector< double >  Coefficient_a = {},
std::vector< double >  Coefficient_b = {},
std::vector< double >  Coefficient_c = {},
std::vector< double >  Coefficient_d = {},
std::vector< double >  Int = {},
std::vector< double >  Intx = {},
std::vector< double >  Inty = {},
double  UnweightedArea = 0 

Member Function Documentation

void AreaCon::Int_Params::CheckParameters ( void  ) const

Checks to make sure that the user-input parameters satisfy the required bounds

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<double> AreaCon::Int_Params::Coefficient_a
std::vector<double> AreaCon::Int_Params::Coefficient_b
std::vector<double> AreaCon::Int_Params::Coefficient_c
std::vector<double> AreaCon::Int_Params::Coefficient_d

Coefficients used in quickly calculating area integrals. Usually populated as a part of the function Density.FindIntegralCoefficients.

std::vector<double> AreaCon::Int_Params::Int
std::vector<double> AreaCon::Int_Params::Intx
std::vector<double> AreaCon::Int_Params::Inty

Parameters representing area integrals over grid squares. Int represents the total integral, Intx represents the integral of x*f(x,y), and Inty represents the integral of y*f(x,y). Usually populated as a part of the function Density.FindIntegralVector.

double AreaCon::Int_Params::Unweighted_Area

The overall area of some polygonal region of interest

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