The AreaCon Library  1.0
A C++ library for area-constrained partitioning operations
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AreaCon::DelaunayGraph Class Reference

#include <areacon.h>

Public Member Functions

 DelaunayGraph (const int NRegions)
 DelaunayGraph (const DelaunayGraph &obj)
DelaunayGraphoperator= (const DelaunayGraph &obj)
 ~DelaunayGraph ()

Public Attributes

Point *** Graph
const int NRegions

Detailed Description

Container for storing Delaunay (duel) graphs.

Jeffrey R. Peters

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AreaCon::DelaunayGraph::DelaunayGraph ( const int  NRegions)


[in]NRegionsThe number of regions in the partition or the number of nodes in the Delaunay graph
AreaCon::DelaunayGraph::DelaunayGraph ( const DelaunayGraph obj)

Copy Constructor

[in]objElement to by copied
AreaCon::DelaunayGraph::~DelaunayGraph ( )

Destructor. Cleans up dynamically allocated memory.

Member Function Documentation

DelaunayGraph & AreaCon::DelaunayGraph::operator= ( const DelaunayGraph obj)

Copy Assignment Operator

[in]objElement to by copied

Member Data Documentation

Point*** AreaCon::DelaunayGraph::Graph

A multi-dimensional array whose (i,j)-th entry holds the endpoints of the line segment that is shared by region i and region j. If the two regions do not share a common edge, then at least 1 index of the (i,j)-th entry will equal INFINITY.

const int AreaCon::DelaunayGraph::NRegions

The number of regions under consideration.

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